New Snow Equipment

2022 Yamaha Sidewinder L-TX GT EPS - $20,199

Engine: 998
Colour: INK BLUE

The Sidewinder L-TX GT EPS has earned a reputation among seasoned, high mileage riders for its rock solid performance and practical comfort. The addition of Yamaha's electric power steering rewrites the definition of a top, trail performance snowmobile. EPS takes the fight out of muscling the powerful turbo through twisty trails - but it doesn't stop there. EPS also isolates the rider from unwanted handlebar resistance fed back through the mechanical steering system from inconsistencies in the trail. The resulting light steering effort and handling precision is unrivaled when it comes to long days in the saddle. Suspension comfort, responsive throttle and reliable power top the list of priorities for long distance rides. Features like a heated seat, full windshield and ample storage bring it home. Quick adjust Fox® Zero QS3 shocks suspend the rigid SRV chassis with its optimized geometry and ARCS front end.