New Snow Equipment

2024 Arctic Cat RIOT 800 - $20,999

Engine: 800
Colour: Black/Green

Why choose between the thrills of on-trail riding and the adventure of venturing into the deep snow when you can have both? Riot blends trail and backcountry performance seamlessly for the ultimate adaptable ride.

The next-generation 8000-Series-C-TEC2 engine delivers a new level of clean Arctic Cat 2-stroke engine performance and technology. This new 794cc C-TEC2 twin features:

- Optimized cylinders, pistons, combustion chamber, flywheel, and fuel rail.
- Our signature fuel calibration strategy and Arctic Power Valve system with 3-stage control of the auxiliary exhaust ports via side valves
- ECM-controlled electronic oil pump
- Batteryless EFI
- Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor (EPTS)
- Knock sensor
- Engine reverse technology

This advanced technology designed by Arctic Cat and built in St. Cloud, Minnesota delivers:

- Ultra-clean, more responsive performance
- Enhanced power in the 165-hp class of engines
- Precision oil injection
- Exceedingly robust and lightweight design

CROSS-ACTION Rear Suspension

The uncoupled CROSS-ACTION rear suspension provides unparalleled agility from powder to hardpack. The design enables the front and rear halves of the suspension to move independently, so riders enjoy excellent cornering and bump absorption on the trail, as well as off-trail weight transfer.


The evolution of Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) is here. ARS II gives you better bite on corners and increased ground clearance to deliver more confidence- on or off trail. We made the forged aluminum spindles 1.5 inches taller from the ski to the lower arm, and gave it more rigid upper A-Arms. Plus, a revised geometry delivers a new roll-center and adjustable cambers, and a swaybar makes for flatter, more predictable cornering on hard pack trails.