New Off Road

2019 Yamaha TTR 110 E - $2999

Engine: 110
Colour: BLUE
  • Air-cooled, 110cc, SOHC, 2-valve, 4-stroke powerplant produces smooth, reliable, novice friendly power.
  • Push-button electric starting backed up by a manual kick starter too.
    • electric starting makes learning to ride more fun
  • Lightweight aluminum cylinder features a cast iron liner.
    • cylinder can be "bored out" in the event of a problem
  • Single overhead camshaft
    • utilizes easy to adjust conventional rocker arms & screw type tappet adjusters
  • Flat top piston & lightweight crankshaft
    • 9.3:1 compression ratio
    • proven, reliable design
    • lightweight means faster engine response
  • Automatic cam chain adjuster
    • reduces maintenance & mechanical engine noise
  • 16mm Mikuni carburetor
    • crisp throttle response
    • good fuel economy
    • carburetor features nickel silver needle valve assembly & chromate treatment on the inner float bowl to counter act the negative effects of E10 (10% ethanol) fuels
    • easy access "paddle-style" choke
  • 4-speed, semi-automatic transmission
    • eases beginners into the basics of shifting, without the complications of a hand operated clutch
    • allows rider to concentrate on riding basics & developing riding skills & balance
    • easier & more fun learning experience
  • Maintenance-free capacitor discharge ignition (CDI).
    • produces a strong spark for fast starts
    • provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms
  • Easy access washable foam air filter
    • reduces maintenance costs... re-usable design
  • Lightweight, exhaust system with heat shields
    • quiet design
    • "cleanable" screen-type spark arrestor
    • heat shields protect young riders from hot components
  • Rugged steel engine protector plate for those rough trails.