2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 4 1000 EPS - $26,099

Engine: 1000
Colour: Armour Grey

Maximize your adventures with class-leading cabin comfort, 4-seat versatility, and the unmatched power delivery of Yamaha’s all-new 999cc parallel-twin engine. The Wolverine® RMAX™4 will keep everyone riding together all day.

  • New, Powerful 999cc Parallel Twin Engine
  • Terrain-Focused - 29-inch GBC Dirt Commander 2 tires
  • Ultramatic Transmission
  • Advanced, Comfort-Focused Suspensio
  • Roomy Four-Person Cabin
  • Speed Management System

    • New, Powerful 999cc Parallel Twin Engine
      • The Wolverine® RMAX™4 1000 delivers class-leading power and smooth performance, thanks to its new, powerful 999cc, DOHC, eight-valve, parallel twin engine, featuring legendary Yamaha durability.
    • Smooth, Quiet Powertrain
      • Helical-cut drivetrain gearing, rubber-mounted and counterbalanced engine, with a variety of noise and vibration reducing inserts around cabin make for one of the quietest cabins in the industry
    • The Toughest Transmission
      • The Proven Off-Road technology of Yamaha’s Ultramatic® system is unmatched in the industry. The CVT system utilizes a new, centrifugal wet clutch purpose-built to withstand the power from the new 999cc engine, and a constant tension belt system for tackling obstacles in high rev range without fear of damaging the belt. When more torque is needed, the low gear is perfect for challenging conditions. The robust CVT system means less time switching gears and more fun taking on any terrain.
    • On-Command 4WD
      • Renowned On-Command® 4WD system lets you switch between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD and a fully locked differential 4WD
    • Reliable Engine Lubrication and Cooling
      • Large oil capacity circulates in the dry-slump system with a liquid-cooled oil cooler
      • Features a big radiator with integrated blower
    • Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)
      • Utilizes YCC-T®, a drive-by-wire system that converts the drivers command into precise throttle control. Throttle response is further improved thanks to a high-response servo motor for ultrafast throttle application