New Snow Equipment

2017 Yamaha VK 540 - $11,149

Engine: 535cc, 2 stroke
Colour: Black


    • 535cc, Two-Stroke Axial Fan Cooled Engine
    • This proven design has maintained the highest reputation for bullet proof reliability in its class. Now featuring a higher output magneto, new ignition and carburetion, the 540 is even more efficient and guaranteed to get you going every time, with a turn of the key or a pull on the standard back-up recoil pack.
    • Three Speed Transmission
    • The HI/LO transmission with reverse allows for variety. Low range allows for pulling of heavy loads while a shift of the manual actuated lever puts you in high range which is ideal for faster cruising.
    • High Output 400 watt ACM, Alternator Assembly
    • Provides ample power for the new Digital CDI ignition along with the carb heaters, twin bulb headlight, hand-warmers and accessories.
    • Mikuni TM 33 Flat Slide Carburetor
    • Provides excellent throttle response with lower emissions and improves fuel efficiency by 25%.
    • Electric Carb Heaters
    • The use of the dual heating elements result in more stable idle speeds at warm up (not having to flip the choke multiple times to prevent stalling) and less plug fouling. Additionally carb icing is reduced for consistent performance in extreme cold and snowy conditions.
    • 44 Litre Fuel Tank
    • The VK 540 has a large fuel tank. When combined with the additional efficiency of the evolved engine, this new work-horse can go nearly double the distance on a full tank of fuel than its predecessors.
    • Camoplast 1.5 Cobra WT Track
    • The primary purpose of the 20" x 154" x 1.5" Cobra track is to fully maximize all available snow with confidence-inspiring deep snow floatation and powerful pulling force. The 1.5" lug is perfect for low-speed or high-load situations that utility sleds often function in. The 154 x 20 x 1.5 Cobra track adds additional deep snow capability to the legendary VK.
    • Dual Bulb Headlight
    • As part of the modern styling project, the VK540 now features a dual-bulb headlight. The new headlight throws more light on the trail than the previous single bulb design, and is fully integrated in the overall styling cues.
    • Reduced Snow Accumulation
    • The new tunnel design includes large snow evacuation holes on running boards with traction. The tunnel is built out of lightweight, high-tensile steel to keep the VK540's legendary rugged durability in the toughest conditions.
    • Utility Inspired Styling
    • A fresh look for the legendary proven VK540 is both modern and tough. Extensive development went into a new shroud and duct work to minimize engine bay snow ingestion. This is especially important in extreme cold markets where the fine snow crystals will penetrate and create ice build-up.
    • LED Taillight
    • The high-intensity LED taillight/brake light is lighter and brighter than a traditional incandescent design, and delivers a significantly longer lifespan.
    • Workforce Mirrors
    • Functional mirrors tout a large viewing area, making it easier to see what lies behind. The mirrors are mounted on the interior side of the Protective Windshield, shielding them from potential damage.